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Active Legal Services offers a comprehensive array of pre-legal services, giving you even more choices and options for recovering money owed to you. In keeping with our philosophy of emphasising personalised solutions, our pre-legal services are designed to increase the amount of delinquent money collected on our behalf.

The advantages of pre-legal services

There are a number of advantages to using our pre-legal services, such as:

Lower cost – Our program of systematic and persistent telephony activities during the pre-legal phase are much less costly to you than going straight to legal action.

Higher success rate – Debtors are far more likely to respond to collection efforts when those efforts are designed to offer customized solutions to meet each individual situation. This translates into a higher success rate in collecting on delinquent accounts.

Valuable feedback – Because our pre-legal services involve telephony and personalized interaction with Debtors, we are able to capture important information about why the Debtor fell behind in payments and their current circumstances. This kind of feedback is invaluable as it helps decide the course of action necessary to safeguard the debt.

Improved customer relationships – Nobody likes to be in a position where they are delinquent on a debt; it’s stressful for the Debtor and often leads to a great deal of animosity toward your business. By using respectful yet firm pre-legal processes, however, it is often possible to collect debts owed in a timely manner while still preserving the customer relationship.

Our pre-legal services’ approach works well regardless of the size or type of debt owed. Our professional team of debt recovery experts has a strong track record in this area and a demonstrated ability to get the kind of results you want and need.