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Active Legal Services works very hard to recover delinquent debts using letters and telephony.  However, we encounter Debtors who for a variety of reasons are not willing or able to pay off their debts via this approach.  Legal action is the next step necessary to safeguard the debt.

Legal services

There are several ways in which Active Legal Services are superior to others.  These include the following:

Cost effective – Our approach to legal proceedings is not only highly effective in terms of recovering delinquent amounts, but also extremely cost effective for you as our client.  We offer a transparent costs structure for each legal phase.

Superior results – The true measurement of effective debt collection services is in the results:  how much in delinquent amounts is recovered and at what cost?  Active Legal Services is an industry leader in both areas, producing the kind of results most of our competitors simply cannot match.  We work with you every step of the way to ensure the maximum amounts are collected at minimum cost to you.

Seamless and comprehensive – Our legal services are both comprehensive and seamless to you as our client.   From the initial step in the legal process all the way through to actual litigation, our professional staff understand the importance of follow-through at every stage.  Active Legal Services is committed to making the entire process as trouble free and easy for you as possible.