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Consultancy & Training

Active Legal Services is your first choice for providing comprehensive debt collection services, but is also an industry leader in providing consultancy and training services as well.

We understand the huge impact delinquent accounts have on your cash flow as well as your business overall; in many cases it can mean the difference between business success and business failure.  Because this area is so critically important, we offer comprehensive consultancy and training services to help your business streamline and improve processes to avoid delinquencies in the first place.

Start to finish best practices

Our extensive experience and expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively work with clients to evaluate processes and make adjustments where necessary to ensure best practices are in place from start to finish.  We do this first by engaging our clients in a thorough top to bottom evaluation and review, taking into account every aspect of your business.  Special attention is given to create greater clarity and focus on the core areas of your business, as well as discussion and understanding of the processes and methodologies currently in place.

After a thorough review, our professional staff creates a customized solution for your business with the primary goal of improving business operations while reducing delinquent accounts overall.  Our clients receive detailed reporting and recommendations covering areas such as training, automation, policies and procedures, methodologies, and industry best practices.  We consistently hear from our clients that this type of comprehensive reporting is among the best tools available to them for improving business operations.

From recommendation to implementation

Of course, all of the reporting and recommendations in the world don’t mean anything if you are not able to implement them smoothly and effectively.  Active Legal Services understands the vital importance of proper implementation and so offers comprehensive training programs to complement our consultancy activities.  We customize an implementation solution for your organization that includes thorough employee training, clear and comprehensive internal communications, and ongoing support to ensure processes and procedures continue to produce the desired results.

It’s no wonder, then, that Active Legal Services clients continually rate our services as outstanding and extremely effective.  With our expertise at your fingertips you’ll be in the best possible position to achieve your organizational goals and objectives.